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Corporation Name:Gentron Telecom Inc.
English Name:Gentron Telecom Inc.
Unified Business No.:84485653


Gentron Telecom establish in 1993, have many years’ experience in optical product, not only lenses and camera modular develop but also CCD ,CMOS 2.4 GHZ wireless camera design and manufacture.

Recently, we have mini super DVR, micro scope and fiber micro scope, new product release in industry field. In those years Gentron Telecom also put effort in light therapy field, we have light therapy comb for people’s hair grow. Light therapy for wrist protect, floor pulse light lamp for beauty, pet light care product , handheld pulse light for beauty and healthy, and light therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) product.

Gentron Telecom company policy is high quality, expert design and good service. aftertime, we remind ourselves with three main beliefs to catch market trend and meet customers’ need. We hope have chance to service with you.

services: Healthy ,beauty,microscope,video camera,Fiber Microscope,mini DVR,light therapy,light therapy S.A.D.


Address:No. 15, Lane 63, Chong Der St., Hsinyi, Taipei, Taiwan
Skype ID:joycethc

Gentron Telecom Inc.
Address:No. 15, Lane 63, Chong Der St., Hsinyi, Taipei, Taiwan